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Palco Marsh - May 2nd Exit Date
Listen to the PSA by clicking HERE for information regarding the vacation of the Palco Marsh on May 2, 2016. 
Those individuals needing assistance should contact the following service providers:

  • North Coast Veterans Resource Center: 707.442.4322
  • Alcohol Drug Care Services (DETOX): 707.445.3869
  • Serenity Inn: 707.442.4815
  • Open Door Clinic: 707.443.4666
  • Redwood Community Action Agency:  707.445.0881
  • Food for People:  707.445.3166
  • Eureka Rescue Mission:  110 2nd St. 707.445.3787
  • St. Vincent de Paul:   35 West 3rd St. 707.445.9588
  • North Coast Resource Center 35 West 3rd St. 707.442.5239
  • Street Outreach Services:  707.441.2000
  • Humboldt County Mental Health:  707.268.2945
  • Betty Chinn Day Center 7th and C Sts. 707.407.3833
  • Crossroads Treatment Center:  707.445.0869
  • Humboldt Recovery:  Women 707.443.0514 Men 707.444.6262
  • Arcata House/Night Shelter:  707.822.4528
  • Sequoia Humane Society:  707.442.1782

New City of Eureka Panhandling Ordinance
The City Council adopted the new Citywide Panhandling Ordinance at its March 15, 2016 meeting.  Enforcement will begin on April 14, 2016.  Listen here to learn more about where panhandling is prohibited.  Panhandling PSA

Eureka Waterfront Trail
An overview of the Eureka Waterfront Trail, Phases A, B and C can be viewed by clicking on the link below.


Notice to Vacate Issued to Illegal Campers
The City of Eureka has issued a "Notice to Vacate" to all individuals illegally camping behind the Bayshore Mall, the Palco Marsh and pole shed properties. Trail construction is set to begin mid May 2016 and in order to protect individuals, the area must be vacated. In addition, the City is very concerned about the environmental degradation that is taking place not only in the mash areas, but also to Humboldt Bay.  The City has been notified by several state agencies that the City needs to address the issues surrounding the homeless encampments or notices of violation could be issue.  All illegal campers must vacate these areas by May 2, 2016

Click to view notice

Eureka Chamber of Commerce Adopt a Block Program
The Eureka Chamber of Commerce and local businesses have come together to create a means for organizations to help clean up and maintain the city of Eureka. You can participate by adopting one of the areas the Adopt-A-Block committee has designated as needing special attention. Several of these areas have already been adopted. But many are still available. Adopting an area means you will take responsibility for an intial clean up and ongoing weekly maintenance for 1 year. Click on the Adopt a Block link for more information.

Recovered Property (3/24/2016)
Humboldt Bay Fire Responds to Portable Toilet Fires at Palco Marsh (3/24/2016)
Illegal Camping (3/23/2016)
Planning Commission Study Session (2/19/2016)
C to F Street Charrette Final Meeting (2/19/2016)
Tax Credit Workshop (11/25/2015)
"C" to "F" Design Charrette (7/17/2015)
Illegal Camping Enforcement (7/15/2015)
Neighborhood Input Meetings (5/2/2014)
Structure Fire - 1508 Allard Avenue (1/2/2014)
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Tue., May 3, 2016
4:00  PM
  Eureka City Council Special Meeting
6:00  PM  -  9:30  PM
  Eureka City Council Regular Meeting
Tue., May 10, 2016
6:00  PM  -  10:00  PM
  CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants
Humboldt Bay Alternative Rail Route Feasibility Study
No Drugs Down the Drain
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