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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Section of the Building Division provides an integrated approach to code enforcement to promote a clean, safe, and healthy environment for all residents by enforcing the City’s Health and Safety Code and Uniform Housing Code. Staff receives and responds to citizen complaints regarding substandard housing, nuisance abatement, and building use violations.

If you have a complaint or a concern regarding Uniform Housing Code violations or other violations of the Cities Health and Safety Code you should first contact your landlord or Property Manager to address your concerns. If the issues are not resolved you can contact the Eureka Building Department at 531 K Street (707) 441-4155 to schedule a code compliance inspection. Inspections for tenants are “no fee” and are scheduled within 24 hours of receiving the request.

If you have a zoning complaint, you will need to contact the Community Development Department at 441-4160.

If you are having problems with rodent infestation, garbage or mold you should contact the Humboldt County Health Department at 445-6215.

Steps Involved in Enforcing Code Compliance:

1. The Building Department receives a request for investigation.

2. The site investigation takes place within 5 working days (within 1 working day for safety hazards).

3. If no violation exists, the case is closed.

4. If violation(s) exist, a notice is sent to the property owner listing the violations and the expected date of compliance.

5. If the violation continues to exist a citation and fine may be issued.

Who is Responsible for Property Maintenance & Correcting Code Violations?

Ultimately, the Property Owner is responsible for ensuring that code violations are corrected. However, the property tenants also have an obligation (through the rental agreement) to keep the property in good condition and free from code violations. California Civil Code Sections 1928 and 2941.2, tenants are required to take reasonable care of the rented property. The tenant is responsible for damages caused by him/her or anyone else for which he/she is responsible for (e.g. children and guests) that result from neglect or abuse. The landlord is responsible for repairing conditions that seriously affect the rental unit’s habitability. For less serious repairs, responsibility to make repairs is often determined by the rental agreement.

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