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Draft EIR

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Technical Appendices

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Draft Environmental Impact Report

Cover  (168.8 KB)

Table of Contents  (95.3 KB)

Chapter I          Introduction  (148.8 KB)

Chapter II         Summary  (258.3 KB)

Chapter III        Project Description  (1.17 MB)

Chapter IV         Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures  (104.5 KB)

            Chapter IV.A      Aesthetics  (826.9 KB)

            Chapter IV.B      Agricultural Resources  (98.2 KB)

            Chapter IV.C      Air Quality  (171.6 KB)

            Chapter IV.D     Biological Resources  (1.44 MB)

            Chapter IV.E      Cultural Resources  (848.2 KB)

            Chapter IV.F      Geology, Soils and Seismicity  (214.4 KB)

            Chapter IV.G     Hazards and Hazardous Materials  (824.5 KB)

            Chapter IV.H     Hydrology and Water Quality  (1.09 MB)

            Chapter IV.I      Land Use and Planning  (632.2 KB)

            Chapter IV.J      Mineral Resources  (89.4 KB)

            Chapter IV.K      Noise  (314.1 KB)

            Chapter IV.L      Population and Housing  (113.8 KB)

            Chapter IV.M     Public Services  (124 KB)

            Chapter IV.N     Recreation  (90.6 KB)

            Chapter IV.O     Transportation  (774 KB)

            Chapter IV.P      Urban Decay  (97.1 KB)

            Chapter IV.Q     Utilities and Service Systems  (121.8 KB)

Chapter V          Impact Overview  (109 KB)

Chapter VI         Alternatives  (1.41 MB)

Chapter VII       Report Preparers  (76.7 KB)

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