Upstate Rail Connect Committee

At the December 20, 2011 Eureka City Council meeting, Council heard a presentation by several citizens who were speaking in favor of conducting a study to determine the feasibility of an alternative rail route connecting the port facilities in Humboldt Bay to the national rail system.  The presenters explained this so-call "east-wet" route was not a new idea, but one that actually had it's origins in the late 1800s.  The "Humboldt and Eastern Railroad" was in the process of acquiring financing and obtaining easements to build a rail line from Humboldt Bay to the Sacramento Valley when the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire made the competing north-south rail line necessary to supply materials to rebuild the City.  Within a few years, the eastern route was shelved, but not before the route was scouted and mapped.

At the January 17, 2012 Eureka meeting, Council approved Resolution 2012-02 supporting the Humboldt Bay Alternative Rail Route Feasibility Study to evaluate an alternative (eastern) rail route to connect Humboldt Bay to the national rail network.  Council also directed Staff to develop a mechanism to acquire funding and technical support to meet and coordinate with other jurisdictions along a conceptual route to insure the success of the Humboldt Bay Alternative Rail Route Feasibility Study.  The Upstate Rail Connect Committee was born!  Currently Councilmember Brady serves as the City of Eureka's representative to the Upstate Rail Connect Committee.  

Learn more about the Humboldt Bay Alternative Rail Route Feasibility Study by exploring the document below: 


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