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Foreign Trade Zone

Our region is part of an elite class of manufacturing and industrial areas located throughout the United States. Within our boundaries we hold various U.S. designated “Foreign Trade Zones” areas that are physically within the U.S., but considered outside of U.S. Customs jurisdiction. Qualifying businesses in Foreign Trade Zones may reduce costs by deferring, reducing and potentially eliminating customs duties.

The City of Eureka Economic Development partners with the Port of Humboldt Bay to create cost-benefit analyses for businesses and show how they can utilize the different Foreign Trade Zone benefits available.

To qualify, manufacturers and distribution businesses need to be located in one of the four designated sites in and around Eureka. However, these boundaries are somewhat flexible and may be modified for specific projects.

Benefits to Business include:

Certain types of merchandise can be imported without going through formal customs entry procedures or paying import duties. Customs duties and excise taxes are due only at the time the product leaves the Foreign Trade Zone for U.S. consumption.

Waste materials and damaged merchandise may be destroyed within the zone and avoid duties. Merchandise that never enters U.S. commerce (for example is used in the manufacture of export products) is not subject to duties or excise taxes.

Merchandise may be stored within a Foreign Trade Zone for an unlimited period of time. It may be opened, inspected, assembled, mixed, cleaned, labeled or repackaged within a zone. Merchandise may be displayed, sampled or examined within the zone. Our staff will assist you in navigating the Foreign Trade Zone business processes and application procedures. Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit.