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All City Housing program eligible properties must be located within the city limits of Eureka.  These programs currently include:

City of Eureka Housing Successor (Formerly the Eureka Redevelopment Agency Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund) – Program Funding is limited and the focus is currently on the provision of affordable housing for extremely low income and homeless populations. 

HOME Program Income (PI) Funds -The City of Eureka receives repayments of previous loans into this program income fund to provide future funding for owner occupied rehabilitation, residential homebuyers, or affordable housing projects which are allowable under the HOME Program re-use plan to further affordable housing within the City limits.

State Rental Rehabilitation Loan Program – Loan funding available for minor repairs to multi-family residential units. 

HOUSING REHABILITATION LOAN PROGRAMS:  Offers financial assistance at below-market rates to low -moderate income property owners for health and safety repairs from multiple funding sources.  CalHome, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and Program Income, HOME Program Grants and Program Income, and LOCAL funds.

CDBG HOMEBUYER Loan Program:  To assist low to moderate income households in realizing the dream of home ownership by providing a deferred payment, second mortgage loan as a down payment to an eligible first mortgage loan (with monthly payments, including property tax and insurance impounding) for qualified homebuyers while funding lasts.

Lead Based Paint Hazard Evaluation and Mitigation Grants:  Many loan programs include limited grant funds for the evaluation, testing, and mitigation of verified Lead Based Paint Hazards.

                Other Neighborhood Improvement Programs

Dumpster Program:  To encourage the removal of large pieces of trash and unsightly debris from Owner-Occupied residential properties and neighborhoods.  The City works in collaboration with the Eureka Police and Fire Departments and Humboldt County Environmental Health for properties located within the city limits of Eureka in need.  Commercial and rental properties are encouraged to seek clean up by property or business owners, as these are income properties.

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