Live Aboard

Eureka Public Marina

Minimum Live-Aboard Vessel Requirements

  1. Standing headroom 6' minimum (does not include pop-tops)
  2. Galley with marine stove, sink, and sitting area with table.
  3. A Coast Guard approved MSD (Marine Sanitation Device), or holding tank with pump-out capabilities.
  4. All required Coast Guard approved equipment (flares, extinguishers, etc).
  5. A fully operational engine. (inboard or outboard).
  6. Vessel must be seaworthy, in good repair and appearance.
  7. Sea Cock from the head for direct dumping, MUST be wired in the closed position.
  8. Minimum Vessel Length is 30' on deck.
  9. Adequate berthing areas for those living on board.
  10. No children under the age of 16.
  11. (1) Cat must remain on the vessel.

All vessels seeking live-aboard status are subject to a compliance inspection. Live-aboard status is granted solely, upon discretion of the Harbormaster, and can be denied or cancelled at any time. Live-aboard vessels are subject to, and must allow inspections by the Harbormaster at any time. Leash Law strictly enforced.