Small Craft Harbor Rules and Regulations


a. Any person using the facilities within the confines of the Harbor shall assume all risk of damage or loss to his property and the City assumes no risk on account of fire, theft, act of God or damages of any kind to vessels within the Harbor.

b. Removal, relocation or storage of vessels as provided in this chapter shall be without liability to the City or its agents.


a. No person (including the owner, master, operator or person in possession of a vessel) shall moor a vessel at or in the facilities of this Harbor, excluding tidelands under lease, without having first secured a berthing assignment permit or temporary assignment from the Wharfinger in the form and manner provided therefore.

b. Berthing assignment permits are not transferable. Sale or transfer of a vessel covered by a berthing assignment permit transfers no rights or privileges inhering in the berthing assignment permit nor guarantees the issuance of a new berthing assignment permit.

c. Berthing assignment permits shall be issued only with respect to a named individual and shall be valid only in respect to that individual.

d. Moorage spaces may be reassigned at the discretion of the Harbor Master if an orderly administration of the Harbor so requires. Holder of a berthing assignment is not a right or privilege inherent in the berthing assignment permit.

e. Moorage space designed by a berthing assignment permit may not be sublet.

f. Any berthing assignment permit or temporary berthing assignment permit may be revoked immediately by the Harbor Master if the holder thereof violates any provision of this Ordinance or any other Ordinance of the City of Eureka applicable thereto. In addition, the Harbor Master may revoke a berthing assignment permit for a deliberate misstatement or willful failure to disclose any material fact in an application for the permit.

g. A berthing assignment permit may be cancelled by the holder thereof upon thirty (30) days written notice to the Harbor Master.