Parks Division

The purpose of this program is to develop and maintain a diversified system of park and landscape facilities in a neat, clean and well-repaired condition, and operated in a friendly, courteous and equitable manner for the use and enjoyment of the public. The City of Eureka has six community park facilities which include Halvorsen Park, Cooper Gulch Park, Hartman/  Kennedy ball fields, Sequoia Park, Sequoia Park Garden and the Sequoia Park Zoo. There are seven neighborhood park facilities including Carson Park, Hammond Park, Lundbar Hills Park, Highland Park, Ross Park, Clara Mae Berry Park and 20-30 Park. Myrtle Grove Cemetery is included in the Park Facilities Program. The Parks Division maintain forty-two landscape facilities, twenty-four parking lots and one thousand four hundred (1,400) street trees throughout the City of Eureka

Parks Brochure

Eureka Skate Park
Opened December 19, 2009 at the Cooper Recreation facility.

The Eureka Dog Park is OPEN! 

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Facility/Rental Information
Park Locator/Map and park descriptions.  Click on the name of the park on the locator map to obtain specific information about a facility.

Contact Us:
Jeff Raimey,Recreation Facilities Manager;, (707) 441-4230
Greg Ausburn, Parks Maintenance Supervisor;, (707) 441-4226