Vision for the Future

Zoo Master Plan

Design and Planning
The design process for the current Master Plan began with the selection and hiring of an experienced and qualified architectural firm. Jones and Jones Architects & Landscape Architects, Ltd. were selected from a pool of five candidates on the basis of their zoo design achievements, geographic proximity to Eureka, and enthusiasm to help create a special zoo in our one-of-a-kind redwood setting. The planning process also involved zoo staff, Foundation Board members, and City of Eureka officials, and included two community input meetings. Most of the planning took place during the first six months of the master plan process; the master plan document was finalized and adopted in early 2008.

Species Selection
The primary tool used in the planning process was Sequoia Park Zoo’s Institutional Collection Plan, a document first written in 2004 and revised every five years, which identifies animal species that are most appropriate for this zoo. Much care and research went into this plan, which used the following criteria to identify species: 1) climate and space requirements, 2) compatibility with staffing size and other zoo resources, 3) importance to conservation and the educational stories they tell, and 4) visitor appeal.

A Whole New Zoo

The newly released Sequoia Park Zoo Master Plan - highlighting the numerous upgrades and exhibit expansions planned for the near future. Right click on the image above and select "View Image" to see a larger version.

Proposed Black Bear & Coyote, Mountain Lion and Gibbon exhibits: