Chief's Message

Mills Andrew

Chief of Police- Andrew Mills

Citizens of Eureka,

Welcome to the Eureka Police Department website.  Eureka is a fabulous city of 30,000 people and serves as the cultural center of everything coastal north of San Francisco.  Eureka is situated between a wild and hypnotic ocean and a dramatic Redwood forest where some trees are 2,000 years old. Eureka boasts a fun nightlife in historic Old Town, one of the most photographed Victorian Mansions in the United States and a growing business community.   I have found it to be one of the friendliest cities of anywhere I've traveled. 

Policing in a democracy is like no other job on the planet.  It is one of the toughest jobs because controlling crime while protecting civil liberties is a difficult balance, yet vital one.  EPD works to ensure that the foundational ideologies of our democracy are vigorously protected while crime control is sought through each policing effort.  Few police agencies work harder than the men and women of EPD at fighting crime and developing broad strategies to problem solve. We are preventative in nature, proactive in culture and responsive to community problems.

I implore you to look through our website, make suggestions for improvement of police services and most importantly - get involved!  We are hiring police officers and dispatchers, and will always accept volunteers who want to pitch in and help out.

Finally, when you see the men and women who often miss holidays, birthdays and anniversaries because they are working for you…say hi and thanks.  It goes a long way.

All the Best,

Andrew G. Mills

Chief of Police