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Service Area 1- Captain Brian Stephens

Hello!  I have been with the Eureka Police Department since February 1999.  I was promoted to the rank of Captain on November 1, 2014.  My Service Area is primarily the commercial/business districts of Eureka, including the US 101 corridor through town.  I also oversee our department’s Investigations Units

I believe through community participation, mobilization and education the residents of this great city can help combat the criminal element that preys on us where we should feel the most secure, in our homes and our neighborhoods.  We have an active Neighborhood Watch Program with over 30 active neighborhood watch groups in our city and that number is growing.  I have seen positive changes in those communities were Neighborhood Watch and engaged community members live and who are on a mission to make their piece of the city safer.  It is the responsibility of us all who live, work and play in Eureka to be a part of the solution.

We have made it our mission to be more involved in the community, be open and approachable to those that need advice, assistance, and help.  We are committed to being more a part of this community, not just the arresting authority, because the community issues are more than we can solve by making arrests.  We are doing this through our commitment to such activities as our community trainings, Coffee with the Captains, Block Parties, Shop with a Cop, and by participating in community events such as the Rhody Parade, May is Mental Health Month Walk and Celebration as well as many others.

The Eureka Police Department is committed to making Eureka a better place, improving the quality of life of those who call this home, and improving the feeling of safety for everyone.  The men and women of the Eureka Police Department are here for you, I am here for you.  Call upon us and let’s work together to a better, brighter future for Eureka.   

Captain Brian Stephens