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Service Area 2

Service Area 2- Captain Patrick O’Neill

I would like to start off with a little about myself. I have been serving the City of Eureka and its citizens since March of 1995. In my time with the Eureka Police Department, I have held the positions of Patrolman, Field Training Officer, Special Agent with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, and I am currently the Captain in charge of Patrol Operations.  My Service Area is primarily the residential districts of Eureka.

My philosophy of policing is a mixture of service, empathy, and accountability. The citizens of Eureka expect their police department to provide them with their best efforts, regardless of the severity of the situation that they are handling. They expect their police officers to empathize with the persons they contact and show compassion for those in need. They also demand that those who victimize others be held accountable for their actions. These are the expectations that I drive myself to meet every day.

Your Police Department strives to improve the quality of life and safety for its citizens the best it can, but this is not a task that we can do alone. It will involve all members of our community to succeed. I truly feel that through openness and collaboration, there is nothing our city cannot achieve.    

Captain Patrick O’Neill

Office Phone: 707-268-5261