The Problem Oriented Policing Unit, known commonly as POP, handles ongoing nuisance problems in the city.  To report an ongoing problem in your neighborhood, call (707) 441-4373 or submit this form to the Eureka Police Department.  


Problem Oriented Policing Stats

May 1 - 31, 2018

EMC Citations: 29

Fresh arrest: 12 for HS violations (10 misd./2 felony). 3 for illegal lodging. 6 for trespassing

Warrant Cites/Arrests: Misd. 10 / Felony 4

Traffic Cite/Arrest: 2 for CVC violation (one resulted in a felony arrest for possession of methamphetamine for sale)

Vehicles Towed: 2 cars

Parking: 3

Dogs: 2


Patrol – 6

Code Enforcement – assisted with the continued patrol/PC 602 arrests at a shuttered nuisance house at the 800 block of “O” St. As well as checking on several other addresses being addressed by Code Enforcement.

Vehicle Abatement: assisted with the removal of a 4 nuisance/abandoned vehicles. Provided security while they contacted/gave notice to the responsible party of multiple vehicles outside a nuisance house at the 2900 block of “A” St.

Assisted Detectives with the Portland Police Bureau in locating and arresting a subject whom they were investigating for online sex crimes with a juvenile.

Assisted CIS in the execution of a search warrant at the residence of the Portland Police Bureau suspect.

Assisted the USMS in the location and arrest of a subject wanted on a federal arrest warrant.

Assisted the Wiyot Tribe with a major cleanup on Indian Island.

Assisted the HCSO SWAP crew with a major cleanup of the wooded area at the 2400 block of Broadway St. in an effort to curb illegal camping. This effort yielded one 40 yard dumpster of trash.

Assisted HC Probation with several probation searches.

Assisted City Parks and Recreation Dept. with the cleanup of a large transient camp containing 11 people and a 7 tents/structures. This is the third time this site has been cleaned up. This site yielded several arrests/citations and over 1200 lbs of trash collected/disposed of.

Assisted with the search for/location/apprehension of a suspect in a bank robbery that had “just occurred.”



Seized: heroin .08,.08,.07g GFW (3 loaded syringes)

              methamphetamine 43.0 g GFW/9.76 g GFW

                Suboxone – 9 sublingual strips

Conducted multiple probation searches over three different days resulting in some of the previously mentioned arrests.

Collected/disposed of over 5960 lbs of trash from several large transient camps throughout the City, not including the 40 yard dumpster mentioned above. 

Increased our vigilance at 3 problem/nuisance houses that are currently vacant and continue to be broken into.

Provided increased traffic enforcement around one of our local schools due to speeding vehicles.

Participated in a Cannabis Review Panel meeting on three occasions.

Conducted patrol of various locations throughout the City where transients routinely set up camp.

100 plus needles collected/disposed of from several illegal camp sites

4 Citizen Complaints addressed by visiting problem residences and giving notice regarding the reported issues.

Several previous citizen complaints were followed up on to ensure the reported issues remained resolved.

One Detective provided security for the “Bounty by the Bay” special event.

Increased our visits to the apartments at the 2900 block of California St. to mitigate the ongoing criminal activity at that location.

Continued our yearlong effort to remove all of the trash located on the “Stinky Beach” peninsula. Our efforts thus far have yielded 100s of lbs of trash and is only now approximately 1/3 complete. Only one known transient camp exists there now, and that subject has been instrumental in our efforts to remove trash from that location.

One Detective (Department firearms instructor) participated in a 2 day combat handgun course.

All Detectives/personnel completed the mandatory sexual harassment/workplace harassment training.