The Problem Oriented Policing Unit, known commonly as POP, handles ongoing nuisance problems in the city.  To report an ongoing problem in your neighborhood, call (707) 441-4373 or submit this form to the Eureka Police Department.  


Problem Oriented Policing Weekly Stats

November 1-11, 2017

EMC Citations

Arrests 1 misdemeanor

Warrant Arrests

9 misdemeanor, 2 felony

Narcotic Investigation

1 search warrant served 1600 blk of 4th Street

3 ongoing

Drug Seizures

3 small marijuana plants


-Assisted property owner on 2600 blk of Broadway with transient camps on property bordering city property.  20 yard dumpster filled.

- SWAP crew at the foot of T St. and North 40 area.  Loaded one 40 yard dumpster at each location.

- Code Enforcement

- CIS assisted with search warrant on 1900 blk of Harris St.

- Conducted 3 cannabis permit final inspections

- Patrol

- HCSO checked address for criminal activity


- 2,100+ pounds of garbage collected and disposed of as a result of dismantling 3 significant abandoned illegal campsites (not including dumpsters noted above)

- 100+ needles collected from campsites

- 3 citizen complaints addressed