The Problem Oriented Policing Unit, known commonly as POP, handles ongoing nuisance problems in the city.  To report an ongoing problem in your neighborhood, call (707) 441-4373 or submit this form to the Eureka Police Department.  


Problem Oriented Policing Stats

April 14-30, 2018

EMC Citations

Warrant Citations/Arrests 3 for drug violations, 3 for illegal lodging


3 misdemeanor for illegal lodging
Traffic Citation 1 for CVC 14601

- 6 Patrol

- 1 Code Enforcement- shuttering nuisance house on the 800 block of O St.

- Vehicle Abatement assisted with the removal of 6 nuisance/abandoned vehicles


- Heroin .06g GFW/ .53g GF

- Methamphetamine .01g GFW/ 2.05g GFW

- Marijuana 3.45 lbs processed


- Served one search warrant on an individual

- Cleaned up a single occupant illegal camp on Broadway ST. on three different occasions that yielded 2000 lbs of garbage. 

- Increased checks at 3 different problem/nuisance houses that are currently vacant and continue to be broken into

- Removed trash, building materials and obstructions from the back yard of a vacant house.

- Provided increased traffic enforcement around local schools due to speeding vehicles

- Removed 1000 lbs of trash from a large encampment to the rear of a business on Broadway

- Participated in a Cannabis Review Panel

- Conducted patrol of various locations throughout the City where transients routinely set up camp

- 100 plus needles collected/disposed of from several illegal camp sites

- 4 citizen concerns addressed