Eureka North-South Multimodal Corridor Plan

The City of Eureka has received a Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant (SCG) for multimodal transportation design, planning and technical assistance for the completion of a multimodal plan. The project area is located between J and E Streets from 6th Street to Harris Street with the focus on H and I Streets. The multimodal plan will look at these north-south transportation corridors within the City for enhancing safety and mobility for all modes of transportation.


The City of Eureka Development Services and Public Works Departments are collaborating with Redwood Community Action Agency to engage residents, youth, and local businesses in re-envisioning H and I Streets and potentially adjacent north-south routes to improve safety for all users and foster vibrant neighborhoods and business districts.


Resident, youth, and local business participation will be integral to the success of this project. The City and Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA) will conduct public outreach efforts to engage the community, and receive input to understand the diverse needs of the community and also to solicit input on the development of the alternatives.  Click here to provide feedback in our online survey.


Included in the objectives and goals for the project is the identification of at least three conceptual design alternatives for improved mobility, safety and user experience for all modes within the project area with the focus on H and I Streets in the City of Eureka. In addition will be the completion of a Multimodal Plan for the project area with the focus on H and I Streets and the north-south transportation corridors within the city for enhanced safety and mobility for walking, biking, accessing transit and motor vehicles.


Workshops and public walking tours are anticipated to begin the first week of October 2017. Click here for more information.


Online Survey for the Eureka North-South Multimodal Corridor Project