Street Sweeping



The interactive map has every City of Eureka street color coded. Look for the color of your street on the map. Then refer to the legend on the right of the map. Click on the week, day and time text referenced next to your street's color. The text will tell you the week of the month, the day and time your street is swept. The weeks of the month are based on full weeks. So areas under 'Week 1 & 2, Mon. Night Time (8am - 12am)' will be swept on Monday of the first two full weeks of each month between 12am and 8am. The individual linked maps for each area will show the 'Start Point' and 'End Point' for each day so that you have an idea of when the sweeper will be by your street. Unusual conditions such as mechanical breakdowns of the street sweeper or heavy rainfall may alter these sweeping schedules. Below is the link to the interactive map:

To access the sweeping schedule, click the tab below labeled “Street Sweeping Map”.


To increase the effectiveness of street sweeping in your neighborhood, please follow these simple steps:

  • Remove your vehicles from the street during scheduled street sweeping days.
  • Keep the street path clear of lawn and tree trimmings; trash and debris; trash cans;
    illegal driveway approaches such as concrete, metal, wood ramps, and basketball
  • Leaf piles should be removed completely from the street and placed in green waste

Leaf Season

If we try to sweep over a pile of leaves or debris, our equipment can become plugged. Please do not rake leaves into piles in the street. The months of October through February are our heavy leaf season. Please note that there may be delays in our schedule during this season.

"Street Sweeping Map"