The Municipal Auditorium

1120 F St., Eureka, CA 95501

The Municipal Auditorium is one of Humboldt County's largest venues.  Built in 1936, this historic building is the perfect location for a concert with a maximum capacity of 2,300 yet versatile enough to host an indoor sports clinic.

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General Facility Rental Guidelines

  • Reservations for the Municipal Auditorium must be made at least two (2) months in advance of desired date of use.
  • Liability insurance is required for all rentals of City of Eureka facilities. Insurance packets are available upon request.  Click here to request an insurance packet.

To request a facility online click here.

For more information, to make a reservation or to request an insurance packet, please contact the Recreation Division by email at  or call 707.441.4241. 

Rental Information

Max Capacity: 2,300
Balcony Seats: 806
Number on Floor: 1,494
Chairs: 700 (folding – main floor)
Tables: 12
Total square feet of Main Floor: 10,000
Stage: 1520 sq. feet (65’ x 29’) 1,520
Stage Opening: 40’
Balcony Clearance: 8’
(Balcony extends approx. 20’ over main floor)

Fees:(Effective 7/1/17 - 6/30/18)

Commercial Events

  • Deposit: 10% of ticket sales
  • Building Rental Rate: 10% of ticket sales &
  • 10% of Concessions & Merchandise sales
  • Portable toilets $220.00 (2 units)
  • 2 - 6 units (depending on event)
  • Post Event Clean-up $475.00 - $700.00
  • Electrical charge (flat rate) $250.00

Non-Commercial Events

  • Deposit: $250.00 
  • Building Rental Rate:
  • Base rate – 3 hours$155.00
  • Each additional hour $65.00
  • Ten hour rate $345.00
  • Entire weekday $415.00
  • Entire weekend day $435.00
  • Portable toilets $220.00 (2 units)
  • 2 – 6 units (depending on event)
  • Post Event Clean-up $475.00 - $700.00
  • Electrical charge (flat rate) $250.00
    Staff Fees varies by event

Staff Fees: (dependant on event, staff charges may change)

  • Custodian $35.00/hour
  • Electrician $60.00/hour
  • Fire Personnel $103.50/hour/personnel
  • Police –Special Services = dependant on event

Special Services: Special police, fire, custodian, and staff services that may be necessary shall be provided at the applicant’s expense. Special service fees will be assessed after the conclusion of the event.

Electrician, custodian and fire personnel are required

in the building the entire time of event!

120 & 208 volts available. Three phases, 400 amps lighting panel – 3 phase, 200 amps sound panel – 3 phase.

150 amps –No electrician


  • A minimum of 2 uniformed security guards are required to patrol a one block radius outside the Municipal Auditorium. (this is in addition to security guards required by EPD for inside the building)
  • All security personnel must be clearly identified by apparel.
  • Security requirements must be met within 7 days of the reservation.

Contracting party must provide own:

  • Stage lighting
  • Back drops
  • 100 feet minimum cable
  • Security
  • Sound system

Production Company or Contracting Party are responsible for a one (1) block radius clean up.

A ticket manifest must be submitted before ticket sales begin. Any unsold tickets must be returned to the Recreation Division within two (2) weeks after the event.

An inventory and accounting of ALL concessions, including food and merchandise, must be submitted to the Recreation Division within two (2) weeks after the event for final accounting purposes.