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Water & Sewer Billing

How do I arrange for water & sewer service ?
In order to have water & sewer service put into your name, you must pay a visit to Room 101 on the first floor of Eureka City Hall, located at 531 K Street in Eureka. You will need to complete an application form  and pay a processing fee & deposit. You must present your Social Security Number or Driverís License Number, as well as proof of ownership or a rental agreement that includes the name, address & phone number of the landlord or property manager. The standard fees for a single family residence are a $10 processing fee and a $100 deposit. Your deposit will be applied to your account after one year of perfect payment history. Your service will be connected the next business day

NOTE: Deposits vary for multi-unit properties, commercial properties and residences with larger meters. Please contact a Customer Service representative at (707)441-4267 for more information.

Can I pay a city bill on-line?
You can pay your City water & sewer bill on-line. Open the link below for complete instructions on setting up your payment account.

How to pay your utility bill on-line

How do I disconnect my water/sewer service?

To arrange for the water service to be removed from your name, you must contact the utilities office at least one day in advance of the anticipated turn-off date. You may phone (707) 441-4267. You may also request the service to be disconnected by e-mail, at utilitybilling@ci.eureka.ca.gov. You must provide a forwarding address for the final bill. If your deposit has not yet been applied, it will be applied to the closing bill. If the closing bill is less than your deposit on hand, the credit balance will be refunded to you.

How do I report a concern about my water bill?
If you feel there is a problem with your water & sewer bill, please contact a Customer Service representative at (707) 441-4267, or email utilitybilling@ci.eureka.ca.gov.

I havenít received my water bill this month
If you think you should have received your water & sewer bill already this month, please contact a Customer Service representative at (707) 441-4267, or email utilitybilling@ci.eureka.ca.gov.

My water & sewer bill is wrong.
If you think there is an error on your water & sewer bill, please contact a Customer Service representative at (707) 441-4267, or email your question regarding your bill to utilitybilling@ci.eureka.ca.gov.

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