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Who Do I Contact For … ??
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Who Do I Contact For .... ???


Trying to find out which department is responsible for fixing that pothole on your street? Confused about which department to contact for an encroachment permit?
How do you let someone know a street light needs to be repaired?

Review the summary below which shows the areas each department or division is responsible for.

Still can’t find which department you need to contact? Try the alphabetical listing which you can access at the bottom of this page or the Search function at the top of the page.


Contact the Department - (707) 441-4155
Service Request - nuisance abatement, construction/development permits, construction regulations, design, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of all structures,
building violations, and graffiti on private property

Contact the Department - (707) 441-4160
Construction/development permit information - applicant info, sign permits, home occupation, use permits, variances, zoning, and lot line adjustments

Contact the Department - (707) 441-4194
Development information - including encroachment, water service and sewer service connection permits, applicant information, insurance requirements
Street lights - report non-working street lights
Construction Projects - projects out for bid, bid results, plan holder lists, project maps
Transportation Permit Application

Contact the Parks and Recreation Department - (707) 441-4241
Rental Facilities - contracts/permits for parks and building facilities including the Adorni Recreation Center, Municipal Auditorium, Cooper Gulch and park group picnic areas
Rental of Eureka Public Marina Great Room, Bay Room and marina slips
Contact the Department - (707) 441-4000
Service request- Weeds/rubbish abatement, alley encroachment, hydrant problems, fire and life safety hazards
Contact the Parks and Recreation Department - (707) 268-1973
Contact the Harbormaster - Slip info/rentals, rules & regulations, charts, maps, parking & directions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Contact the Department - (707) 441-4214
• City of Eureka loan servicing, owner occupied single family residential rehabilitation loans, homebuyer down payment assistance loans, multi-family residential rehabilitation loans,
affordable housing project development, lead based paint hazard mitigation grants, senior home repair grants, dumpster program, graffiti removal kits, affordable housing lists
Contact the Parks and Recreation Department - (707) 441-4241
Service Request- street trees, park playground equipment, graffiti in parks, park and landscape maintenance
Contact the Parks and Recreation Department - (707) 441-4241
Contact Recreation Office - special classes, sport leagues, youth activities, roller skating, facility rental: Adorni Recreation Center, Cooper Gulch, Municipal Auditorium,
Halvorsen Park, ball fields and park group picnic areas

Contact the Zoo - (707) 441-4263
Contact Zoo Education Coordinator for programs, classes, tours and volunteering
• Contact Zoo Manager for general zoo information
• Contact Zoo Foundation and Gift Shop - (707) 442-6552

Contact the Public Works Department - (707) 441-1484
Information - regulations regarding discharge of pollutants, outreach and education programs
Service Request- reporting violations on discharging pollutants to storm water drainage system
Contact the Public Works Department - (707) 441-4203
Service Request- streets, potholes, stop signs, street sign damage, graffiti removal, flooding, manhole covers, street sweeper, spills on streets, encroachments,
illegal dumping, parking lots.
Contact the Public Works Department - (707) 441-4203
Service Request - water quality and testing, bad tasting or smelly water, wastewater and water facility tours
Contact the Public Works Department - (707) 441-4203
Service Request - sewer collection problems, sink holes
Contact the Public Works Department - (707) 441-4203
Service Request - water leaks/meters/water meter boxes and covers, water pressure problems, no water

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