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Collaborative Wetland Cleanup
Contact : Brittany Powell, ,     (707) 441-4388
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On Thursday, August 15, 2019, the Eureka Police Department’s Community
Safety Enhancement Team (CSET), working in partnership with the
Problem-Oriented Policing Unit (POP), California Department of Fish &
Wildlife, and City of Eureka Code Enforcement, along with workers from
Uplift Eureka, Eureka Rescue Mission, and Betty Kwan Chinn’s Day Center,
conducted a clean-up operation to remove ten vacated illegal encampments
located within a greenbelt area west of Broadway, Eureka. The
encampments were noticed for removal well in advance of the operation.   


This collaborative effort, which included 17 Uplift Eureka program
volunteers, removed 1.77 tons of garbage from this sensitive wetlands area.  
One of the abandoned encampments was connected to significant
environmental damage including the digging of an approximately 30’ x 15’ x
10’ deep pond. In addition to the clean-up efforts, several non-profit social
service providers were also on scene to conduct outreach to any homeless
persons present.


Additional information about CSET and Uplift Eureka:    







Community Safety Enhancement / Engagement Team (CSET) Mission
Statement:  To proactively address quality of life, crime and disorder problems in
Old Town, along the waterfront, and in city parks while developing strategies to
ultimately improve upon or eliminate these issues.


CSET is staffed by a police sergeant, MIST Officer (Measure Z-funded), Old Town
Foot Beat Officer, Park/Waterfront Ranger (Measure Z-funded), Park/Waterfront
Officer, and Part-time Homeless/Mental Health Liaison (Measure Z-funded).  A part-
time, Measure Z-funded Homeless Outreach Worker (HOW) will also soon join CSET
and Uplift Eureka.   


CSET strategies include:


 Building relationships and working in partnership with homeless,
community, non-profit, private, and government stakeholders including
UPLIFT Eureka.


 Identifying locations and individuals who are responsible for a high volume of
police/fire/EMS calls for service, and developing ways of reducing their needs
through a judicious balance of outreach and enforcement.  


 Focusing on criminal behavior and causes behind crime.


 Leveraging Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)


 Reaching people within their own environment.


 Connecting people with services (MIST, mental health and drug treatment
programs etc.).   


 Connecting people with non-profit service entities.


 Assisting in filling existing service gaps.


 Connecting people with available housing including transitional housing and


 Follow-up to ensure these connections are made.










UPLIFT Eureka is a new homeless resource and support program run through the
City of Eureka’s Community Services Department and supervised by a Measure Z-
funded Homeless Services Programs Supervisor.  UPLIFT Eureka is a data-driven
program designed to strategically guide homeless community members through a
series of resources, supportive programming, and work programs with the assistance
of volunteer “co-pilots.”  The co-pilots serve as advocates for the participants as they
work their way to success. Uplift Eureka provides the homeless with the tools to
reclaim independence, dignity and employment. These goals are achieved through
three primary components:  


1. City Beautification Team: The primary incentive for homeless individuals
to join uplift is the City Beautification Team. UPLIFT participants join a
team where twice a week they participate in three-hour shifts doing street
cleaning and beautification projects.  In return, they are compensated with a
grocery gift card they can utilize to purchase food.  


2. Programmatic Support: UPLIFT participants attend a weekly meeting
with each other. This meeting is facilitated by the Homeless Services
Program Supervisor, who facilitates a group discussion about the
participants’ progress with their personal goals and beautification work
projects. UPLIFT participants are also partnered with a “co-pilot.”  Co-pilots
are trained volunteers who meet once a week one-on-one with participants to
work with them on their progress and to help them set up appointments,
discuss goals, and work on resumes or other important documentation.  


3. Resource Management: The UPLIFT program has also developed a
comprehensive Resource Guide. This guide is categorized in a way to help
both the participant and co-pilot navigate available resources in the
community. These categories include Safety, Basic Needs, Documentation,
Employment, and Housing. Each of these categories feature organizations
and sources that offer services and resources that fit into those descriptions.  
The user friendliness of this resource guide has made it easy to assist
participants in being able to navigate services and achieve their goals.