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Hikshari' Trail Markings
Contact : Brittany Powell, ,     (707) 441-4388
, ,     

As part of our continued efforts to improve upon the emergency services provided to our citizens, the City of Eureka and the Eureka Police Department have recently mapped and marked the heavier greenbelt area of the Hikshari’ Trail to give citizens a visible reference for their location.

Citizens who are on the trail from the gated entrance at the Herrick Park and Ride to the Foot of Del Norte Street, will see painted yellow numbers on the trail every 100 feet. If a citizen finds themselves in a situation requiring Police, Fire, or Medical services, they are urged to provide the dispatcher with the nearest reference marker number. This will allow for First Responders to know the callers exact location, which will assist in expediting the arrival of help.

This is the first phase of trail marking. This marking system will be continued along the remaining portions of the trail over the next months.

The Eureka Police Department hopes you enjoy this recreational area of our City.