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Subject :

Grant Opportunity: Juvenile Drug Addiction
Contact : Chief Andrew Mills, ,     (707) 441-4095
, ,     

Drug use and the resulting public-safety consequences are significant in Eureka. The rate of drug addiction and use is higher than acceptable in a community of Eureka’s size. Consequently, the levels of theft, violence, and mental health commitments are a serious problem in Eureka. Intravenous drug usage and addiction also result in enormous medical costs. To combat these problems, the City of Eureka seeks to provide grant funding to a local non-profit or government entity which has demonstrated a commitment to reducing drug addiction through education, intervention and/or mentorship.  

Grant funds are provided through money seized from drug dealers through the asset seizure program. Department of Justice regulations for the expenditure of seized assets are very specific as tohow funds may be used. The statute states in part, that the grant can "support community-based programs by the transfers of shared funds from a state or local law enforcement agency to a state, county, or local governmental agency or community non-profit organization (501(c)(3) or (4)). An agency may, at its discretion…; transfer shared funds annually to community-based programs whose missions are supportive of and consistent with a law enforcement effort, policy, and/or initiative. Examples include a drug treatment facility, job skills program, or a youth program with drug and crime prevention education. The chief law enforcement officer must approve the transfer and must ensure the recipient is a qualified entity.” (regulations.) 

Program Description:

Eureka Police will grant up to $ 20,000 in funding to the government or non-profit agency which has demonstrated competency in supporting law enforcement by successful treatment, education, or training in the area of juvenile drug addiction. Specifically, Eureka will fund a program that reduces the demand for opiates or methamphetamine among the juvenile population.  

The successful program will have one year to demonstrate that it has successfully educated, reduced demand, or treated addiction among a defined juvenile population. There is the possibility of a renewal of the grant for the following year.  

Program Specific Information:

One organization will be awarded up to $ 20,000 on July 1, 2017. The grant will extend through the end of June, 2017. The agency awarded the grant will provide quarterly updates to the grantor sharing data on success, obstacles, and challenges. Based on the type of program selected, EPD will consult with the grantee to design reporting out requirements.  

The goals designed into the grant should demonstrate evidence based solutions. More information for evidence-based practices can be found on or  

Limitations of Funding:  

The money must be used for programs and materials. Funding cannot be used for salaries. The money will be drawn down from the City of Eureka as needed with EPD serving as the fiduciary between the City and the Grantee. 

How to Apply: 

Write a cover letter to the City of Eureka Chief of Police, stating your interest in becoming a grantee. Then, write a grant application that includes the following items: 

  1. Documentation proving your status as a 501(c) 3 or 4, or your charter as a government agency. 
  2. A clear statement of the problem you seek to address. 
  3. A description of the project design. 
  4. Capabilities and competency of those leading the project. 
  5. Performance goals and measurements. 
  6. A budget detailing how the monies will be spent.  

All grants must be submitted to EPD no later than May 20, 2017 at 1200 hours. They may be sent to Andrew Mills, Chief of Police, 604 C Street, Eureka California, 95501 or hand delivered in person.