Good Neighbor Week Information

Special Event Permitting 

Through the Special Event Permit program, the City temporarily closes residential streets so neighbors can easily interact in their front yards and enjoy their neighborhood.

This free program also provides opportunities for neighbors to become acquainted before an emergency.   Block parties may be held for celebrations, sports, games, barbecues and other neighborhood activities. 

To begin the process, applicants must complete the Special Event Application  and submit to the City Manager’s Office.  Insurance is required and is available for purchase or you can provide your own. Once the event is permitted, the City will provide the applicant with a “Street Closure Plan” and “Barricades” to close streets. For more information on submitting a Special Event Application, contact Christine Tyson by email: or by phone: (707) 441-4144.

Park & Facility Rentals

The City of Eureka’s Community Services Department develops and maintains a diversified system of park and landscaped facilities for use and enjoyment of the public.  Over 1,500 street trees and 42 landscaped facilities beautify the Eureka area.  Park services include six community park facilities and seven neighborhood parks.  Some parks have areas that can be rented for a variety of occasions; birthday parties, school picnics, family reunions, baby showers, weddings, celebrations of life, company/business picnics and more. Guarantee a space for your event with exclusive use of an area at a park!  Choose from a group picnic area, gazebo or park field.

Group Picnic Areas

Carson Park, Hammond Park, Sequoia Park (Duck Pond & Upper Meadow)


Sequoia Park, Sequoia Park Flower Garden

Bounce House / Inflatable Structures at City Parks

Bounce houses and other inflatable structures can provide hours of fun and also cause serious injury or death. As a high-risk activity, anyone wanting to have a bounce house/inflatable structure at a City park or facility are required to complete the rental process, obtain a rental contract and provide a minimum of $2,000,000 liability insurance.  Unauthorized bounce houses/inflatable structures will be taken down.  

Park/Trail Restrooms

Community Services strives to provide access to restroom facilities at popular recreation areas throughout Eureka.  Staff are working diligently to obtain funding to upgrade restrooms at all City Parks.  The following locations have restrooms open daily approximately 8am – 4pm. Hours may vary slightly depending on staffing levels.

· Del Norte Park & Playground “Shark Park” (Foot of Del Norte St.)

· Hammond Park (14th & E St.)

· Hikshari’ Trail (Foot of Truesdale St.)

 · Samoa Bridge Boat Launch

· Sequoia Park (3550 W St.)

· F Street Gazebo Old Town Restrooms

Any group of individuals can come and utilize park facilities without renting them. However, they will not be provided exclusive use of those facilities, alternate schedule for restroom availability or allowance for special amenities or privileges available with rental packages.

For more information on parks or facilities rentals please contact Lisa Meyash by email: or by phone: (707) 441-4251.