Fair Political Practice Committee (FPPC)

Elections in the City of Eureka are regulated by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).  State law requires various disclosure statements to be filed by :

  • local candidates for elected office
  • current elected office holders and appointed officials
  • committees supporting or opposing local candidates or measures

The Political Reform Act requires public officials (council, board and commission members, and employees disclose their interest on or before specific statutory deadlines.  the Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700) and its associated schedules are required by the City of Eureka's Conflict of Interest Resolution.  This resolution is updated biennially. 

Candidates and committees within the jurisdiction of the City of Eureka must file their disclosure statement with the Office of the City Clerk.  Deadline vary depending on the type of committee and whether it is involved in an active election.  Please view the current schedules provided by the FPPC to ensure you are not penalized for missing a deadline.