Information Technology

The Information Technology department provides City-wide support for all technology equipment and software including; computers, servers, desk phones, cell phones, printers/scanners/copiers, network devices, and other department-specific technologies. 

Department activities include developing, implementing and maintaining long-range policies, standards, and equipment inventories; preventive maintenance and repair programs; as well as providing training, on-going user support, and day-to-day troubleshooting on all equipment. A funding mechanism is in place for the replacement of computers, printers and related equipment and software. Based on equipment age and type, charges will be assessed to each department and transferred into the Information Technology Operations Fund where those funds will be held in reserve. 

The over-arching purpose for the Information Technology department is to ensure that the City of Eureka functions smoothly and efficiently in all areas, with the support and implementation of relevant technology and equipment. In a world that is seeing constant advancements in the field of technology, it is important that city governments continue to be leaders in the careful assessment and implementation of such resources to further serve the public good.

Contact information:

IT Helpdesk

Meet the Team:

Pam Powell
Chief Information Officer

Jessica Heiden
Information Technology Manager

Eddy Noggle
Information Technology Analyst

Tim Butler
Information Technology Analyst

Caleb Kaiser
Information Technology Technician

Vinny Bifano
Information Technology Specialist

Cozy Hunter
Information Technology Specialist

David Shapiro
Information Technology Technician

Daniel Vann
Information Technology Technician

Derek Howard
Information Technology Technician