Eureka's Parklet Program

Eureka’s Parklet Program

In 2015, the City Council approved implementation of an 18-month Pilot Program to assess parklet suitability for the City of Eureka, and in June 2017 the parklet program was officially made permanent for existing and new parklets. 

The goals of this program are to enliven Eureka’s streets, foster neighborhood interaction, and support local businesses. Through the creation and use of parklets, we hope to increase our ability as a City to balance the needs of people walking, riding bicycles, taking transit and travelling by car, provide spaces for people to gather and spend time enjoying the weather, and enhance the pedestrian streetscape in our commercial cores areas.


 How to Apply

Interested parties should begin by reviewing the Parklet Introductory Guide and Policy and Procedures Manual (links below) to get a sense of the parklet application process.  These documents give an overview of the policies, processes, procedures, and guidelines for creating a parklet in Eureka. Applicants and designers are strongly encouraged to read the parklet guide in its entirety when thinking about proposing a parklet, and to contact staff with questions at any time.

Once the links below have been reviewed, contact Lisa Savage at (707) 441-4113 to set up a pre-application meeting to go over your proposed design and location.


Helpful Links

·        Introductory Guide to Eureka’s Parklet Program

·         Eureka Parklet Policy and Procedures Manual

·         Sample Contract/Insurance

·         Aesthetic Guidelines Matrix

·         Sample SitePlans

·         Inspiration Photos


We value and appreciate your willingness to devote your time, creativity, and resources to creating new public space in your neighborhood. We look forward to collaborating with you on your parklet!