Geographic Information System


Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Eureka Development Services GIS Division is to empower citizens and all facets of City operations through the use of high quality geospatial data.  The GIS Division provides interactive mapping applications, meaningful paper maps and is the steward of a robust data catalog covering the greater Eureka area.

Interactive Mapping Applications

Community Development (Parcels, Zoning, Boundaries, Etc.)

Eureka's Historic Mapper

Static Maps (PDF Format)

Adopted 2040 General Plan Update Land Use Designations

Adopted 1997 General Plan Land Use Designations

Inland Zoning

Coastal Zoning 

Sea Level Rise

Tsunami Hazards

Revised Voter Wards

Parks Map 

 Contact Information

Riley Topolewski, GISP
Senior Planner
(707 )268-1971