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Graffiti Removal Kit

This program is sponsored by the City of Eureka with the cooperation of Shafer’s Ace Hardware in Henderson Center at 2760 “E” Street in Eureka to remove graffiti from residential neighborhoods.
In order to be eligible, the property must be owner occupied single family residential use and be located within the City limits of Eureka. The property owner must pay a $5.00 co-pay and fill out an application form whereby a voucher is provided by the City’s Housing Division to be presented to Shafer’s Ace Hardware who will provide a Graffiti Clean-up kit consisting of the following free items: 1 quart of latex paint, 1 free paint color match by Shafers’ staff, a 2" paint brush, clean up cloth, drop cloth, stir stick, and a wet paint sign. For removal of graffiti on concrete, the kit will contain: a clean up cloth, a graffiti removal product (goof off, etc.), and a rough brush.

Contact us today to find out more information about how you may qualify for these programs.