To those of us who live and work on the North coast of California, earthquakes are a reality. In order to deal with this situation, earthquake preparedness must become a way of life. In the event of a major earthquake, local roadways and streets may be impassable and public services could be interrupted or taxed beyond their limits. Therefore, everyone must know how to provide for their own needs for an extended period of time, whether at work, home, or on the road.

Our goal in providing our community with information is to encourage you to prepare for a major earthquake and to maintain that readiness. Part of becoming ready is having the necessary supplies. Earthquakes, in our area, can happen at any time. They are not totally predictable. There are long periods between episodes. This is why it is important to maintain fresh emergency supplies through rotation of older stock into daily use. The quality of life and the potential for survival are greatly increased by being prepared.

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