Volunteer Fire Fighter

The Eureka Fire Department Volunteer program supplements and compliments the career firefighting force. Volunteer firefighters respond to fires and emergencies within the greater Eureka area. They train and ride-along with on-duty companies on a regular basis. Volunteer firefighters begin obtaining many of the same certifications as career firefighters, are trained in Eureka Fire Department procedures and practices, and are eligible to be hired as career firefighters. This means there is nearly always a constant pool of career firefighter candidates eligible for hire by the City.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, live in the Eureka area and be physically fit. The application process requires the filing of an application form, an oral interview, a physical ability test, a criminal record check, background check, and medical exam. Volunteers attend a Recruit Academy lasting approximately seven (7) weeks. Once a volunteer candidate becomes a volunteer firefighter for the City of Eureka, they are required to attend two (2) meetings a month and meet monthly ride-along requirements. They also earn employee preference points towards a professional firefighter career.