Regional Hazardous Material Response Team

The Eureka Fire Department Regional Hazardous Material Response Team (HMRT) was established in 1993 to provide for response to emergencies involving hazardous materials. The HMRT is funded primarily through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) between Humboldt County, Del Norte County, City of Eureka, City of Crescent City, City of Arcata, City of Blue Lake, City of Ferndale, City of Rio Dell, and City of Trinidad. The JPA establishes the Humboldt/Del Norte Hazardous Material Response Authority (HMRA). The HMRA Board consists of elected officials of each member agency and meets quarterly to provide oversight to the Team.

Humboldt County Department of Environmental Health (DEH) provides staff functions for the HMRA. DEH is the regulatory authority relative to hazardous materials and supports the HMRT at emergency incidents. DEH and HMRT maintain a close working relationship to ensure public safety and effective response to emergencies.

The HMRT consists of twelve members of the Eureka Fire Department, each of which is certified as Hazardous Material Specialists by the State of California. HMRT members are “non-dedicated,” meaning that they have other duties within the fire department but also function as hazardous material specialists. The HMRT meets monthly for training and members are required to maintain their skills and competencies to fulfill their mission. The HMRT will also conduct quarterly drills at various facilities within its response area to maintain skills and to interface with local industry.

All members of the Eureka Fire Department are trained and State certified to the First Responder Operational and Decontamination for Hazardous Materials.