Type 1 Engines

The Department operates daily with three Type 1 fire engines. Two additional Type 1 engines are reserve units and are placed in service when the front line units must be taken out of service for maintenance or are staffed by off duty firefighters when large incidents occur in the City or surrounding area. Type 1 engines are staffed with a Captain who is in charge of the personnel and the unit, an engineer who is responsible for driving and pumping with the unit and a firefighter. Type 1 engines carry all of the tools needed by our firefighter to do their job from firefighting to medical aids. They are in essence a stand alone unit.

Aerial Platform

The Department operates daily with one 100’ aerial platform. An additional 85’ aerial platform is in reserve status. The aerial is staffed with a single operator who delivers the apparatus to the scene. If the aerial is needed an engine is merged to form a functional four person truck company. The aerial is used to rescue people trapped in tall buildings, they are used to provide elevated fire streams for large building fires and are equipped to respond to technical rescues.

Command Vehicles

The Department operates daily with one duty chief officer who is in charge of the day to day operations of the Department. The duty chief operates from a Command Vehicle which is considered a mobile office. The command vehicle is the communications and decision making center on the emergency scene.

HazMat 1

The Hazardous Material Team operates with equipment transported in HazMat 1. This vehicle carries the equipment necessary for the Team to manage a routine hazmat incident. The vehicle is equipped with a small office with informational resources and communications.

HazMat 2

This is an 8’ X 14’ enclosed trailer that carries equipment needed for a mass decontamination incident. Specifically a mass decon tent with showers, portable hot water heater, patient handling equipment and a large cache of backboards.

Rescue 1

This is an 8’ X 20’ enclosed trailer that carries an equipment cache used in the technical rescue field. This is the specialized equipment that can not be carried on the engines or aerial due to space considerations. The equipment supports confined space, USAR, high and low angle rescues.