Volunteer Photographer: Gary Stone

The Eureka Fire Department is proud to display photographs taken by Gary Stone. Gary Stone is a local businessman in Eureka who loves photography. In 1995, one of Gary's employees, Alan Holt, who was then a Eureka Volunteer Firefighter, invited Gary to take photos at a live fire training exercise. That turned out to be a lucky day for Eureka Fire Department, because it was the day Gary Stone made "EFD" his hobby. Gary became an official volunteer of EFD and was issued a pager and protective safety gear.

Since 1995, we estimate Gary has taken more than 10,000 pictures of EFD incidents and activities. Gary used a Nikon F4 until recently when he switched to a Nikon D2H. Gary does an excellent job of telling the story of an incident through his photographs. Gary hopes his pictures will still be around in 100 years, providing him with a legacy and forever associating him with the Eureka Fire Department.

The men and women of Eureka Fire Department want to thank Gary Stone for his wonderful photographs and his dedication to Eureka Fire Department and the citizens of Eureka, California.