Business Inspections

The Eureka Fire Department conducts annual inspections of every business within the city limits. During the inspection, usually conducted by a three person engine company, the personnel are checking for fire hazards, proper exiting, and damage to buildings that may propagate fire travel.

Items that are checked for during the inspection may include:

  • Fire extinguishers, location, number, and condition
  • Excessive use of extension cords
  • Excessive rubbish, trash, or debris
  • Fire alarm, sprinkler and/or commercial kitchen extinguishing systems
  • Clear exit paths
  • Functioning exit signage and lighting
  • Exposed wiring or defective heating systems or combustibles stored too close
  • Knox Box contents

During the inspection, fire personnel will update contact information that is used for emergency purposes only. The inspection also provides an opportunity to interact and educate business owners of the requirements of fire and life safety issues.

At the conclusion of each inspection, business owners will be provided a copy of the inspection form noting the corrections needed or any recommendations such as the installation of a fire alarm system, Knox Box, or any other helpful fire safety items or tips.

If there are any corrections required, the engine company officer will conduct either follow-up phone calls or additional inspections if it is a significant hazard.