Special Event Requirements

Special events, such as Farmers Markets, parades, and music events, are held throughout the City of Eureka all year. When a group wants to conduct a special event they contact the City Manager’s Office and complete an application. Information in the application is sent to appropriate City departments for comment. The following are common requirements the Fire Department enforces at special events:

There shall be compliance with the following:

Provide an overall map showing location of vendors, where streets will be blocked, and event organizer’s station.

Provide an adequate number of fire extinguishers. Adequate number, type and location to be determined by the Fire Department. Minimum requirement shall be two ABC dry chemical extinguishers with minimum rating of 2A-10BC and current California State Fire Marshal’s tag attached, plus one at each vendor with heating appliances. Effective January 2004, all vendors using grease or oil as a cooking medium shall provide a class “K” fire extinguisher to comply with State law.

Access doors to buildings shall not be blocked for any reason.

Street intersections must be kept clear curb-to-curb. No obstruction shall be placed within 10 feet of a fire hydrant. All streets must be sufficiently clear to allow emergency vehicle access. People to remove barricades in case of emergency shall be designated by the event organizer.

All material for vendors’ booths shall be flame-retarded or approved for use by local fire authority. Tents, canopies, or membrane structures shall be flame retardant treated and labeled per Uniform Fire Code Section 3207.

Gas-fired appliances for hot food shall be inspected and approved by local fire authority prior to use.

Liquid Propane Gas containers shall have proper safety devices and hoses. They shall also be attached in an approved manner to the booth with ropes, chains, etc.

Where barbecue-type cooking devices are used, including LP-gas filled grills, there shall be no combustible booth covering directly above or within 2-foot of the cooking surface.

Where Coleman fuel is used, there shall be no more than one (1) gallon in reserve. Refueling shall be done only after shut down of flame.

Use of electrical cords shall not be allowed unless approved by a City of Eureka official. Cords placed on the ground are to be protected with approved devices such as Wiremold Corduct or Hubbell Access Track.

Vendors are responsible for removal of all trash and debris created by their operation. Any other act, installation or use of anything, which, in the opinion of the Fire Official, creates a fire hazard, shall be abated with the support of the event organizers.

For further information, contact the Eureka Fire Department, Fire Prevention Bureau, phone number 441-4000.

Thank you for your cooperation.