Article 1 of the Fire Code requires permits be issued for many functions that could pose a hazard to individuals or the community. When the City of Eureka adopted the Fire Code several of those functions were eliminated as requiring permits because they were already permitted through some other authority or process. Those functions that the City of Eureka exempted from fire service permits were:

Aircraft Repair Hanger

Automobile Wrecking Yard

Commercial Rubbish Handling Operations

Dry Cleaning Plants

Fire Hydrant and Water Control Valves

High-Pile Combustible Storage

Liquefied Petroleum Gases

Lumber Yards

Magnesium Working

Mall, Covered

Motor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing Stations

Organic Coatings

Ovens, iIndustrial Baking or Drying

Parade Floats

Places of Assembly

Refrigeration Equipment

Repair Garages

Spraying or Dipping

Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents, and Canopies

Wood Products

EFD continues to write permits for other functions. The most common permits issued are for fireworks storage and sales, removal of underground storage tanks, use of model rockets, and use of open flame in assembly occupancies. Refer to the City’s fee schedule for current permit fees.

Burn Permits

Although EFD continues to hold authority to permit or deny use of open burning for disposal, we do not issue permits directly. We have entered into a partnership with North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to issue coordinated burn permits. When a person wants to use open burning to dispose of material we refer them to the AQMD who will issue them a single permit that covers both fire service and air quality issues. To contact the AQMD call 443-3093 or visit them at 2300 Myrtle Avenue. The cost of AQMD burn permits starts at $15.00 per calendar year. AQMD web site: