Plan Check

The Eureka Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau conducts plan reviews of all construction projects within the city. All projects, with the exception of fire alarm systems, are submitted to the City of Eureka Building Department. Fire alarm system plans are submitted directly to the fire department. The Building Department conducts plan checks to ensure that the projects are in compliance with all applicable codes. As part of the plan check process, a copy is forwarded to EFD to be checked for compliance with building and fire codes.

Upon completion of the plan check, a comment letter is returned with the plans indicating whether the plans are accepted or require corrections to be accepted as compliant with the fire and building codes.

To maintain consistency on the project, the plan checker also serves as the inspector for the project. When a project is completed, the Building Department and Fire Department will conduct joint inspections of the project and provide either approval for a Certificate of Occupancy or note what corrections are required prior to approval.

The Eureka Fire Department Plan Checker looks for such items as:

  • Proper site access and water flows
  • Compliance with the building code for construction requirements.
  • Compliance with the fire code for fire and life safety issues
  • Proper construction and installation of sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and commercial kitchen extinguishing systems.

It is the goal of the Eureka Fire Department to provide a complete and comprehensive plan check as expeditiously as possible. The department is supportive of projects provided they are in compliant with applicable codes. The department plan checker is available for consultation to help expedite projects and avoid code compliance issues.