Public Education

The Eureka Fire Department is committed to educating the public about many safety related issues.

The fire department conducts safety presentations to children and adults alike. The Fire Prevention Bureau typically conducts most presentations and will cater a presentation to a work place, school, neighborhood group, teen and senior centers, or simply provide information on any fire-related topic the general public may have.

Some of the presentations available are:

  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Exit drills and information for home, work, or school
  • Information on smoke alarms and fire safety
  • Disaster preparedness

The department also provides CPR and Medic First-Aid training, the most frequent training requested. Other training that is often requested is live-fire training with fire extinguishers. The department has a fully functional propane burn pan that enables participants to receive proper training on handling of fire extinguishers. It is a fun and educational tool.

Other facets of Public Education include visits to schools, childcare centers, and public events. The department wants to connect with the young minds and educate them about fire safety and exiting. By starting the fire safety education at a young age, it reduces the occurrences of fire play and also provides children with the knowledge to get out of burning structures safely.

Contact the Eureka Fire Department if you would like to schedule a training session for work, home, or school.