Eureka Skate Park

The Eureka Skate Park is located at Cooper Gulch at 8th & "R" Streets (end of 8th Street off of Myrtle Avenue). The 12,000 square foot skate park contains something for all skaters including bowls and street features.  The largest bowl includes a 10 foot overt pocket with two more eight foot pockets and 6 foot hips. Connected to it is an 8 foot open ended square with round corners.  All of the larger bowls have pool coping. 

A 4 foot mini bowl cascades down to 6 feet, and wraps around to the 8 foot square. These feature galvanized metal coping with a metal edged banked extension in the mini bowl that shares the decking with the square bowl. 

The top of the park  features a 3 foot rounded wall that drops into a flat section with two grind bars which wash into a 5 foot quarter bank that has metal coping and decking, creating a set back ledge alongside the mini.  The bowls are surrounded by ledges with metal corners.  Adjacent to the 6 foot quarter bank are two sets of stairs with handrails.

The Skate Park is open daily: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.