Zoo Camps & Educational Opportunities

Winter Break Camps!

This winter we are celebrating and investigating all the things that make wild animals so special. Each camp spans two days and meets from 10:00am – 3:00pm.   *$50.00/camp non members*   *$45.00/camp members*

Cub Club (ages 5-7) and Jr. Zookeeper (8-11) themes:

Monday, December 30 – Tuesday, December 31: A Wild Life – Over the thousands of years that animals have lived alongside humans, some have discovered that being close to people can have its benefits. For some species this has meant following humans around the globe while remaining wild, while others we have partnered with to create domestic species that provide us a service.  Join us as we explore the animals that are closest to us – urban wildlife and domesticated species.

Thursday, January 2 – Friday, January 3: Creature Features – Wings to fly, flippers to swim, night vision – the animal world is filled with amazing adaptations that allow them to survive and thrive in some unique environments. If you could create your own animal what might it look like? What adaptations do you wish that you possessed?

If you have a family membership (and have not previously registered for camp online) please email the Education Department prior to registering to ensure you receive the member rate; include – adult named on membership, child’s name and date of birth. Email: education@sequoiaparkzoo.net

Stories and Stuffies 

Bring your favorite stuffed animal, book, and blanket for story time at Sequoia Park Zoo! Parents and young children are invited to join education staff in Secrets of the Forest on the first Wednesday of each month, between September and June, from 11:00am - noon for curated stories and quiet activities. Activity is included with paid admission. Stories and Stuffies is on vacation during the months of July and August.

Nature Exchange!

Sequoia Park Zoo invites guests of all ages to become stewards of the environment through the new Nature Exchange program! Bring in items found in nature, such as driftwood, rocks, empty shells, and redwood cones, and earn points to redeem on different nature items, like porcupine quills and antler sheds. In searching for things to collect and trade, Junior Naturalists will develop observation and deductive reasoning skills, thoughtfully consider the effects of their actions, and learn the ethics of responsible collecting. Nature Exchange is open from 11:00am-1:00pm on the first Saturday of every month. Call Kate in the Education Department at (707) 441-4217 for more information.



Cub Club

Ages 5-7  Cub Club is a wild adventure for the young explorer. During each class we learn about animals through intimate encounters, hands-on exploration, theater, storybooks, art and more.




Jr. Zookeepers

Ages 8-11  Hands-on learning about animals including caring for, feeding and making special treats for our zoo ambassadors. Camps cater to diverse learners and always include arts, physical movement and multi-sensory exploration.