Chief's Advisory Panel

This advisory panel will work to improve police services to Eureka and build a stronger and more vibrant working relationship between the police and all willing segments of the community.  Improvement could include recommendations of policy, training, and programs. 

There are no current openings on the panel. 


  1. Have knowledge of public safety 
  2. Possess English skills to support the reading and analysis of investigative reports and writing position papers for presentation to the greater CAP.
  3. Ability to work collaboratively with people of diverse perspectives and experience.
  4. Desirous of improving police service to the Eureka community.
  5. Persons serving on the panel must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of, property owner in or own a business within the City of Eureka.
  6. Cannot have a felony conviction.
  7. Person is objective and open to learning about policing.
  8. Represent a segment of the Eureka community.
  9. Married couples and domestic partners cannot serve at the same time.
  10. Current or former members of EPD are not eligible to serve.