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Board of Appeals


Ken Davlin, Chairperson

David Lindberg, Vice Chairperson

John McBeth, Ross Nash, Charles Roscoe, and John Vandermolen

The Board of Appeals has been established to determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction and to provide for reasonable interpretations of the provisions of all volumes of all codes adopted by the Eureka Municipal Code, with the exception of the Uniform Administrative Code.

The objectives and purposes of the Board of Appeals of the City of Eureka are those set forth in the Uniform Building Code and Uniform Fire Code and amendments and supplements thereto, and those powers and duties delegated to the Board of Appeals by the City Council of the City of Eureka.

The Board has also been designated by the City Manager as “Hearing Officers” to hear appeals of the Cities Administrative Citation and Unsafe Structures; Abatement of Nuisance ordinances.

Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Building Official or representative may file an appeal with the Board of Appeals. The appeal must be submitted in writing on the “Request for Hearing” form. Forms can be obtained at the City of Eureka Building Department. Deadlines may apply for certain violations, read your Notice of Violation letter carefully to determine when an appeal must be received by the Building Official.

Upon receipt of an appeal filed pursuant to the above requirements, the Building Official will schedule the matter for the next regular or special meeting of the Board of Appeals.

The Board of Appeals meets every 4th Friday of the month at 8:30 a.m., in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

NOTE:  There is currently 1 vacancy.  Please contact the City Clerk's office at 707-441-4144, if you are interested in serving on the Board of Appeals.

Board of Appeals agendas