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The Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, design and capital improvement of the City’s infrastructure. All current and historical maps and plans of the City’s infrastructure are filed and stored by the Engineering Department. Public safety needs are met by the Traffic/Signals division. Planning, programming, design and construction services are provided by the Development and Construction divisions, as well as other City departments.


The Development division is responsible for overseeing development projects as they relate to public infrastructure, including roads, water systems, sewer systems, drainage control and traffic signal systems. Development also ensures all construction in the public right-of-way complies with adopted codes, engineering standards, and that all proper permits have been issued prior to the commencement of work.


The Construction division plans, prepares for public bid, and administers Capital Improvement Projects listed in the City’s Capital Improvement Program, including design, survey and construction management and inspection. The division also assists other City departments with various projects requiring engineering review and oversight, and coordinates between various City departments and the public for all work affecting City infrastructure.


The Traffic division assesses neighborhood traffic concerns; implements corrective measures to enhance vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian safety; provides for the management, operation, preventive maintenance, and repair of City-owned traffic signal equipment; and provides staff support to the Transportation Safety Commission.