Projects Under Construction

The following projects are currently in construction:

Cross Town Interceptor Cathodic Protection Maintenance 2019 – The Cross Town Interceptor (CTI) is the City’s primary force main to the Elk River Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).  The cathodic protection (CP) system slows the erosion of the pipe material to ensure the longevity of the pipeline and reduces the possibility of a leak.  This project replaces key components of the system that are close to the end of their expected life.


Pump Station Motor Control Center (MCC) Installation and Commissioning 2019 – Three large Pump Stations move the sewage from main collection locations in the city through the Cross Town Interceptor to the WWTP.  The equipment that runs these stations is in need of replacement to allow for more efficient and controllable operation.  This project will be followed up with the Pump Station Pump Upgrade project next year which is anticipated to install variable frequency drives (VFDs) to allow even more control of the flows.


Pump Station Pump Upgrades 2020 – The three large Pump Stations on the CTI are using older pumps and technology to move sewage to the WWTP.  The system needs to be evaluated to determine the proper, more efficient, more controllable pumps to be installed.


Fire Station Generator Replacement 2019 – The existing emergency backup generators at Fire Station 3 and Fire Station 4 have become unreliable and one has stopped working all together.  New generators that are fueled by natural gas or propane are being installed to ensure emergency.


Communications Evaluation and Upgrades – The City’s radio network, which allows the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network to communicate, has had some connectivity issues due to line of sight problems.  New equipment and alternate locations are being evaluated to determine a long term solution to the City’s communication needs.


Broadway and Del Norte Lift Station Reconstruction 2019 – Sewer lift stations pump sewage from low spots in the collection system to a higher manhole to continue its conveyance to the larger Pump Stations.  These stations were built over many years and in different styles over the many years the system has existed.  This station uses an older technology that is not as reliable or efficient as the newer style of station.  It is being replaced with a new wet well and submersible pumps that can run efficiently and much quieter than the existing style.


Infiltration and Inflow Projects – Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) is a large contributor to the sewer flows that end up at the WWTP in the wet season.  This is due to older pipes that have developed leaks due to settling, earthquakes, root intrusion, and various other means allowing ground water into the sewer collection system.  Additionally, private properties often contribute by adding rain water from roof drains, ground water from basements and crawl spaces, or broken laterals allowing water into the sewer system.  Large basin wide projects are being performed to try to reduce I/I in the public right of way.


Pedestrian Crossing Improvements 2018- Pedestrian Safety Improvements at approximately 25 locations City-wide. Includes new curb ramps, bulb-outs, crosswalk markings and lighted pedestrian crossing signs. $250,000. Estimated completion date 7/1/2019


H and I Corridor Signal Improvements 2018- Adding additional signal lights and poles at existing signalized intersections along the H and I Corridor. $365,000. Estimated completion date 9/1/2019


Regulatory and Warning Sign Upgrades 2019- Replacement of approximately 1775 regulatory and warning signs throughout the City of Eureka. $300,000. Estimated completion date 10/1/2019

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