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Projects Under Construction

The following projects are currently in construction:

Pavement Rehabilitation 2022 - State Transportation Program / Gas Tax Funding.  Now in its final design phase, this project broke ground in spring.  The project is addressing portions of five streets throughout the City.  These include Felt Street between Del Norte and Hawthorn Streets; Hawthorn Street between Broadway and Felt Streets; Koster Street between Del Norte and Washington Streets; Highland Avenue between Glenn and Broadway Streets; and 14th Street between West Avenue and Broadway.  

Improvements include removing and replacing asphalt roadway sections, adding new layers of asphalt pavement as well as installing thermoplastic markings, truncated domes, new curb, and sidewalk and curb ramps in some locations. This project is expected to be completed by October of 2021. 

Elk River Waste Water Treatment Plant Cogeneration System Upgrade - This project consists of removing existing engine generators and associated heat recovery systems:  Installation of one new engine generator (cogeneration system) with new waste heat recovery and waste heat removal equipment; one new hot water boiler; digester gas cleaning system; and all electrical, utilities, and piping systems for the above listed equipment.

Infiltration and Inflow Projects – Infiltration and Inflow (I/I) is a large contributor to the sewer flows that end up at the WWTP in the wet season.  This is due to older pipes that have developed leaks due to settling, earthquakes, root intrusion, and various other means allowing ground water into the sewer collection system.  Additionally, private properties often contribute by adding rain water from roof drains, ground water from basements and crawl spaces, or broken laterals allowing water into the sewer system.  Large basin wide projects are being performed to try to reduce I/I in the public right of way.











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