Engineering Standard Details

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City of Eureka Engineering Standard Details


D-10 CalTrans Type G1 Drainage Inlet
D-11 CalTrans Type GO Drainage Inlet
D-12.1 Type GOL-7 Drainage Inlet
D-12.2 Type GOL-7 Drainage Inlet (General Notes)

D-20 Type 24-12X Grate and Frame
D-30 Christy V12 Drain Box 12" x 12" Area Drain
D-32 Christy U21 Catch Basin 2' x 2' w/4" Walls
D-40 Standard Storm Drain Manhole
D-41 Storm Drain Manhole with Sump
D-50 Cross-Corner Culvert
D-51 Cross-Street Culvert & Headwall
D-54 Sidewalk Underdrain Pipe
D-55 Sidewalk Underdrain Channel
D-60.1 Corrugated HDPE Pipe Downdrain and Cable Anchorage System (page 1)
D-60.2 Corrugated HDPE Pipe Downdrain and Cable Anchorage System (page 2)
D-65 Storm Drain Concrete Collar at Pipe Angle Point
D-80 Drainage Ditches
D-90 Rip Rap Energy Dissipater


L-10 Street Tree Installation
L-11 Street Tree Frame & Grate
L-12 Street Tree Well Brick Band
L-14 Street Tree Guard Assembly


M-10 Trench Details – All Areas
M-20 Fill Slope
M-21 Cut Slope
M-30 Ornamental Wood Bollards
M-40 Survey Monuments


R-10 Typical Pavement Sections
R-11 Alley Paving Section
R-12 Concrete Ribbon Gutter
R-16 Standard Underground Utility Locations
R-20 Concrete Curb & Sidewalk
R-23 Detectable Warning Surface Installation
R-30 Residential Driveway
R-31 Commercial Driveway
R-40 Pavement Markings
R-41 Pavement Striping
R-43 Typical Crosswalk
R-50 Traffic Box/Manhole Adjustment to Grade
R-60 Sign Post Installation
R-70 End of Street Wood Barricades
R-90 Curb Face Address Numbers

Sanitary Sewer

S-10 Gravity Sanitary Sewer Lateral
S-11 6” Gravity Sewer Mainline Cleanout
S-20 Manifold Pressure Sewer Connection
S-21 8” Main Line Pressure Sewer Cleanout Assembly
S-25 Sanitary Sewer Pipe Connection Detail
S-40 Sanitary Sewer Manhole
S-41 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Base Channels
S-42 Sanitary Sewer Inside Drop Manhole 48” to 72”


W-10 Water Service Installation 3/4" to 1"
W-11 Water Service Installation 1 1/2" to 2"
W-12 Water Service Installation 3" and 4"
W-14 Manifold Water Service Installation 3/4" to 1 1/2"
W-20 Gate Valve Installation
W-21 Tapping Sleeve & Gate Valve Installation
W-22 Typical Tee Installation
W-23 Typical Cross Installation
W-24 Valve Stem Extension
W-30 Restrained Joint Installation (Ductile Iron Pipe)
W-31 Restrained Joint Installation (AWWA C900 Pipe)
W-32 Thrust Block Sizing
W-33 Thrust Block Sizing - Gate Valve Assemblies
W-40 Fire Hydrant Installation
W-42 Fire Service - Double Check Detector Check
W-50 Double Check Backflow Assembly
W-51 Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly
W-52 Backflow Assembly Enclosure
W-53 Vertical Double Check Backflow Assembly
W-60 End of Line Blow-off Installation
W-61 In-line Water Blow-off Installation
W-62 2” Combination Air Release/Vacuum Valve Installation