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Stormwater Pollution

Please call (707) 441-4203 to report

illicit discharges 24 hours a day.

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Kelly Allen

Storm Water Project Manager

(707) 268-5253

Erin McDannold

Stormwater Engineering Technician

(707) 441-4177






Stormwater Management Program

The Stormwater Management Program ensures that the City of Eureka adheres to all California State requirements that protect the quality of the watersheds. The program provides support for compliance with the Construction General Permit (CGP) and the Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4s Permit). Stormwater is a valuable resource that we want to protect, infiltrate, and reuse.

Stormwater Resource Plan

The City of Eureka has developed and submitted a Stormwater Resource an (SWRP) to the State Water Board for review. This plan provides a watershed-based approach to storm water management, seeking to replicate natural hydrology and watershed processes. This improved management will be accomplished through the identification, benefit quantification, and prioritization of the following types of capture projects, and stormwater treatment facilities. All projects selected will result in water supply, water quality, flood control, community, and/or environmental benefits to the City; therefor reducing demand on water supply, reducing pollutants of concern in water bodies, and/or restoring ecosystems.  Click here to view the SWRP. 

Ways Homeowners Can Decrease Your Watershed Impact 

Ways Businesses Can Decrease Your Watershed Impact



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