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A sewer service connection is required for any new construction or any existing building in case of a septic tank failure or cross-connection (sewer line is connected to neighbor's sewer line).

New service connection application forms can be found on our OpenGov website at Home - ViewPoint Cloud under the Engineering - Public Works tab. You will need to create an OpenGov account before submitting your application. From there you will be able to apply for permits, upload documents, view the status of a permit, pay fees, and even communicate with Engineering staff about Sewer Permits and the permitting process. The actual installation will be done by the Public Works - Sewer Collection division and will occur within 2-4 weeks.

Each applicant who applies for connection of any building or premises to the City sewer system, shall, prior to issuance of the permit, pay to the City a sewer service connection fee. Sewer service connection fees are established to maintain and upgrade the existing City's sewer system. Current sewer service connection fees are listed below. Contact the Engineering Division at (707) 441-4194 to determine the correct fees for your needs.

The connection from the lateral to the building is the obligation of the applicant and is normally done by contracting with a licensed plumber. A plumbing permit must also be obtained from the Building Division prior to making this connection.


Installation Of New Sewer Lateral: $3500



In an effort to meet new state and federal requirements for preventing entry of stormwater into the municipal sewer system, the City of Eureka adopted revisions to City’s Sewer Ordinance effective January 17, 2020. These changes shift responsibility for the portion of the sewer lateral located between the main and the property line to the owner of the property served by the lateral. These changes mean that:

  1. Blockages occurring anywhere in the lateral are the responsibility of the property owner

  2. Repair or replacement of the lower lateral between the property line and the public main is now at the owner’s expense

  3. All claims for damages due to a blocked lateral will be denied

The City also initiated a program which requires CCTV inspection of the lateral to be performed by a private contractor when:

  1. A building permit for work valued at $50K is issued

  2. A paper land division is approved

  3. Any part of the sewer lateral is being repaired or replaced

Repair or replacement of the lateral, including the section between the property line and the main will be required when the lateral is deemed to be defective based on the inspection. All Clay laterals are deemed defective and require replacement with modern materials, regardless of condition.

We understand that these costs are significant, especially given that they may be unforeseen. In an effort to reduce the burden on property owners, the City will group LOWER LATERAL replacement projects together into an annual project to be bid by the City as a single project in an effort to reduce the cost for each owner. If you are interested in taking part in this annual project, please contact us to have your project placed on the list. Depending on availability of funds, the City may also contribute funding to the annual project in an effort to further reduce the burden on individual property owners.

In an effort to ease the additional burden on property owners, the City has committed to providing low/no interest loans and grant funding to owners when replacement is required. For more information about applying for loan funds, please call 441-4203.

Click on this link to view flowchart for City Project Trigger

Click on this link to view flowchart for Private Property Trigger


If you are required by the City to replace your sewer lateral (either the Upper or Lower lateral or both) loans will be made available from the City to help ease the unanticipated cost burden of the project. The specifics of the loan program are currently as follows:

  • Maximum repayment term = 10 years

  • Interest Rate = 2.5% annually

  • Maximum loan amount = $10,000

  • Can be used to finance repair/replacement of both the Upper and Lower lateral (the part on private property and the part in the public right-of-way, respectively)

  • No credit or background check

  • No income requirements

  • Owner must sign a Deed of Trust to the City for the loan amount requested

  • Default on the loan results in a lien or special assessment against the property

  • Loans apply to work performed by properly licensed contractors only. Owner/builder work is not covered

The process of applying for and using loan program dollars to finance lateral repairs is generally as follows:

  1. CCTV inspection of sewer lateral is performed (owner’s responsibility)

  2. City verifies inspection and requires replacement

  3. Work is bid by private contractor (Class A contractor for work within right-of-way or Class A or C36 Plumbing contractor on private property)

  4. Owner files loan application with the Engineering Division

  5. Owner is notified that their loan application has been approved

  6. Owner signs a Deed of Trust for the loan amount and sets up a billing account

  7. Plumbing Permit obtained from Eureka Building Division for lateral work on private property

  8. Work performed by properly licensed contractor

  9. Work is inspected by City staff and the permit closed

  10. Contractor invoices the City of Eureka Engineering Division for payment

  11. City pays contractor loan dollars in the amount specified in the Deed of Trust


Click on this link to view Lateral Loan Application Form

Click on this link to view Estimated Monthly Loan Payments