Completed Projects


Henderson Center Improvements 2021- This project, in general, addressed replacing water main, sewer main, and paving on Henderson Street from F Street to Fairfield Street. This project was completed November 2021.

Pedestrian Crossing Improvements 2020 - Highway Safety Grant Funded Project. The project included pedestrian and vehicle improvements at 35 intersection locations throughout the City, including crosswalk markings, rapid-flashing beacons, curb extensions, flashing beacons at stop signs, and audible pedestrian signals.

Cross Town Interceptor Cathodic Protection Maintenance 2019 – The Cross Town Interceptor (CTI) is the City’s primary force main to the Elk River Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).  The cathodic protection (CP) system slows the erosion of the pipe material to ensure the longevity of the pipeline and reduces the possibility of a leak.  This project replaced key components of the system that were close to the end of their expected life.

Pump Station Motor Control Center (MCC) Installation and Commissioning 2019 – Three large Pump Stations move the sewage from main collection locations in the city through the Cross Town Interceptor to the WWTP.  The equipment that runs these stations was in need of replacement to allow for more efficient and controllable operation. 

Broadway and Vigo Signalization 2019 - This traffic signal installation at the intersection of Broadway and Vigo Streets provides improved access to future developments on Vigo Street.  Improvements, in addition to the traffic signal, included installing new pavement markings, new streetlighting, as well as new pedestrian curb ramps.  The project was administered through the City and coordinated through Caltrans who took ownership of the signal at completion. The total cost of the construction for this project was $370,897.00.

Construction of signal at Broadway and Vigo Streets


Bus Stop Improvements 2019 - The project was designed and constructed to  improve bus stops at various locations throughout the City.  Improvements included replacing sidewalks to provide ADA access, solar lighting retrofits of existing shelters, and installing new bus shelters.  The total construction amount totaled to $148,454.30.  The project was funded by Public Transportation Modernization Improvement Service Account (PTMISEA) grant funds and required no funds from the City.

         15th & Summer Street upgraded bus stop

Regulatory and Warning Sign Upgrade HSIPL- 5017(045) 2019 - The City was awarded a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Grant for replacing regulatory and warning signs throughout the City - stop signs, speed limit signs, and the like. The purpose of the project was to inventory all regulatory and warning signs within City limits and replace those signs that were faded, damaged, or failed the retroreflectivity test.  Over 1,700 signs that were replaced as a result of this project.  The total cost of construction for this project was $249,343.10.

         Stop signs before and after project completion.


Pedestrian Crossing Improvements 2018 HSIPL-5017 (o44) - The City was awarded a Highway Safety Program (HSIP) Grant for pedestrian improvements at 32 locations within City limits.  The project was designed and constructed to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility.  Improvements included curb ramps, bulb-outs, detectable warning surfaces, crosswalk markings, and rectangular rapid-flashing beacons at various locations, including Campton and Oak, Highland Park, and Eureka High School.  The total construction amount came to $243,726.75.  The grant funding source for this project required no funds from the City.

               Highland Avenue and High Street crossing prior to improvements.

            Completed curb ramp at High Street for crossing Highland Avenue at Highland Park.