Street/Alley Maintenance

street alley

This program is responsible for upkeep of the City’s public works including street and alley surfaces; regulatory, warning and street name signs; pavement and curb markings; storm drain system maintenance; weed abatement of City and Redevelopment Agency properties; airport pavement and perimeter care; and maintenance and repair of City’s off-street parking lots and meters. Sweeping provides services to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of all streets, alleys and parking lots through debris, rubbish and leaf removal, and enhances storm drain facility operations. The program assists other departments with projects by providing manpower and equipment, completing abatement projects on private property as deemed necessary by the Fire Department, and collecting repair costs for damaged property within its area of responsibility.

Deputy Director of Public Works – Engineering Division

Jesse Willor

(707) 441-4194


Traffic Project Manager

Scott Ellsmore

(707) 441-4194


Maintenance Supervisor

Dan Smith

(707) 441-4194