Sewer Connection

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A sewer service connection is required for any new construction or any existing building in case of a septic tank failure or cross-connection (sewer line is connected to neighbors sewer line).

The initial paper work can normally be done over the counter. The actual installation will be done by the Public Works - Sewer Collection division and will occur within 2-4 weeks.

Each applicant who applies for connection of any building or premises to the City sewer system, shall, prior to issuance of the permit, pay to the City a sewer service connection fee. Sewer service connection fees are established to maintain and upgrade the existing City's sewer system. Current sewer service connection fees are listed below. Contact the Engineering Department at (707)441-4194 to determine the correct fees for your needs.

The connection from the lateral to the building is the obligation of the applicant and is normally done by contracting with a licensed plumber. A plumbing permit must also be obtained from the Building Department prior to making this connection.


Zone 1 $2,500.00
Zone 2 $3,500.00
Zone 3 $4,500.00
Zone 4 $2,500.00
Sewer Connection Fees $2,000.00

"Zone" refers to the location of the sewer main in the street. Zone 1 would be closest to the property, Zone 2 would be middle of the street, Zone 3 would be on the far side of the street, and Zone 4 is for when the sewer main runs in the alley.